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Privacy policy


Omnion Research International obligates itself and guarantees that in any case, your personal data will be processed consciously, fairly, with usage of suitable protection measures with a goal of preventing unauthorized publishing and malicious usage of your personal data, all of that in compliance with Law on the Protection of Personal Data (LPPD).

Omnion Research International will not deliver your personal data to the third party, only if the law says otherwise. Your personal data will be processed until you revoke your consent, thereby they will be permanently deleted.

Depending on the purpose of collection and processing of personal data, which was described previously, Omnion Research International can ask you to leave following information: name, surname, username, e-mail, address, city, zip code, country and phone number.

In case of previously stated events, Omnion Research International collects and processes your personal data only based on your personal consent.

Personal data is not collected by your single visit to our web site, but at the moment you personally insert them while ordering a product, registration for our newsletter, taking a survey or sending a question via contact form.

The consent to collect and process your personal data is given through filling out special form providing services on our web page and you can revoke it in any moment.



The buyer has the following rights regarding its personal data: you can request access (overview, notification and issuing a copy), rectify, add, update and delete the data, as well as revoke the agreement to process your personal data, in other words that in any moment you are able to withdraw your agreement and stop the processing of your personal data, also to be notified by ELFS about the status of your request.

Based on your personal request you have a right to freely obtain information about your personal data that had been saved. Beside that in compliance with article 21 Law on the Protection of Personal Data you have a right to oppose the processing of your personal data for commercial, marketing usage.

As it is previously mentioned, in compliance with law orders, in case of the data being incomplete, not accurate or not updated and if their processing is not in compliance with law orders, you have a right to rectify, add, unable and deleting of your personal data.

Agreement for collecting and processing your personal data can be revoked in any moment in following way:

by sending an e-mail to the address or

by sending a mail to Omnion Research International, Milovana Gavazzija 2A, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.

If you revoke your consent for personal data processing, Omnion Research International is obligated to permanently delete all your personal data within 15 days from receiving the revoke.

The privacy policy regards only the usage of web page, whereby it does not regard the links that this page can contain and lead to other web pages. Omnion Research International is not responsible for the content of privacy policy of third party websites. If in any moment you notice that those links lead to a third party web sites that are not appropriate or have unfavorable privacy policy, please contact us and we will tend to remove those kind of web sites.



Visiting Omnion Research International web shop pages you communicate online. Therefore you agree to all consents, notifications, announcements and other contents which are delivered to you online and through this way they satisfy legal framework as they were written.


Please read these Terms and Conditions before purchasing and to check them regularly, in order to be aware of all your rights and obligations.

Omnion Research International reserves the right to change and update these Terms at any time without prior notice and will not be liable for any possible consequences arising from such changes. These changes take effect upon publication on this website and it is considered that users are familiar with them at the time of publication.

Purchased products are used at your own risk.


European Commission Regulation no. 524/2013 on online resolution of consumer disputes, which has been applied since 09.01.2016, the Platform for online resolution of consumer disputes (Platform for ORS) was established. Electronic link on the ORS Platform

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